Podpůrné přípravky pro rostlin


Deon is a plant booster that is made up of a combination of anionic and cationic amphoteric fatty acids. Deon stimulates the production of alkaloids, which increase a plant's resistance to disease and insects.

Deon is a liquid spray and should preferably be used on plants in their first weeks.
Deon stimulates the production of alkaloids in plants. The alkaloids eliminate plant-pathogenic bacteria and moulds. Deon also provides the leaves with a protective wax coating that is difficult for insects, moulds, viruses and bacteria to penetrate.

Through the elimination of the plant-pathogenic (plant-hostile) bacteria and moulds, the young plant is able to undergo huge growth without resistance. The lower shoots will also fully sprout, resulting in a beautifully full plant.

Use Deon to obtain a fantastic start for your plants and to give them increased resistance to disease and insects.
Use Deon to let your plants shine like never before!

Deon is available in dosing bottles containing 125 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml.

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