Analysis Nutrients

Analysis nutrients is the nutrient made based on the analysis of the basic water (the water used to make the nutrient).

If you work with analysis nutrient, you are working:

  • with just the right amount of nutrients
  • without deficiencies or surpluses
  • stable EC in the substrate
  • the optimum pH value right away in the nutrient tank; with ordered EC
  • No problems in the substrate

Analysis nutrients are FERRO products for your plants

  • Analysis nutrient is the most professional nutrient on the market
  • Working with analysis nutrient is working without deficiency's or surplusses
  • If you work with analysis nutrient, you can expect higher yields right away

How Analysis Nutrients work:

The producer fills the free sample bottle with 250 ml water he/she uses to make the nutrient and takes this to the dealer as quickly as possible. The producer can indicate directly on this bottle what kind of substrate he is working on and what kind of nutrient he wants.

Your dealer takes this sample bottle to Ferro. This water sample is then coded and sent to the laboratory.
Ferro receives the analysis results after a few days. The nutrient schedules are made based on this.

The schedules are then entered in the computer and the quantities ordered dispensed.
This is carried out in an automatic system, with an accuracy of 0.25%!

The nutrient is made ready for transport and delivered to the customer.
Analysis nutrient is available in 5, 10, 20, 100, 200 and 1000 litres

Coding of Analysis Nutrients

We will explain how the coding works using an example:
The producer has an analysis made of his basic water and orders a set of nutrient A&B 200 litres Bloom on an EC of 2.0, he gives "greenhouse south" as the plot. This plot acts as a reminder for the customer if he forgets his analysis number.
The plot greenhouse south and a 6-digit number are stated on the analysis results that he receives, as an example we take 103-150.

The following code is stated on the nutrient ordered:

103 150 2.0

The number 103 refers to the shop where the nutrient was ordered, this is normally the last 3 digits of the shop's debtor’s number.
The number 150 refers to the customer number of this shop.
The number 2.0 refers to the EC value on the basis of which the nutrient was produced.

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