Plant Enhancers

Bio Crop

Bio Crop is a unique bloom stimulator as with Bio Crop 40 % more chlorophyll is produced in the leaf.
The 40 % extra chlorophyll means that the plant is able to make more sugars, these sugars are broken down in the night and the energy released is used by the plant to make new and larger flowers.

Because 40 % more chlorophyll is present in the leaf, the leaf will also feel "thicker" and you can feel this with your hand. The plant will also produce a wax layer over the leaf and this gives a higher resistance to the familiar botrytis cynera or top rot.

The amount of sugars in the leaf can be measured using a Brix meter, this is a meter that measures the sugar content in the leaf and therefore
demonstrates the effect
of this stimulator !

  • Bio Crop means 40 % more chlorophyll in the leaf
  • Bio Crop means a protective wax layer on the leaf
  • Bio Crop means a higher production as there is 40 % more photosynthesis

Bio Crop is available in 1, 5, 10 and 20 litres.

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