Regional Nutrients

Regional Feed is a concept developed by FERRO, and with this feed the values that occur in the basic water (tap water) are calculated in the feed.

By calculating the nutrients that occur in the water the producer can work with just the right amount of nutrients and can therefore produce higher E.C. and can expect a higher "dry substance" yield.

Regional Feed is a concept developed by FERRO and has proven to be very successful over many years.

We can develop Regional Feed for any region within one week, often in consultation with the customer in the region.

Some successful regions are

  • Regional Feed Rotterdam
  • Regional Feed Drachten
  • Regional Feed Eindhoven
  • Regional Feed The Hague
  • Regional Feed Weert
  • Regional Feed Greater London
  • Regional Feed Norwich
  • Regional Feed Edinburgh
  • Engrais Regional Marseille

Ask your dealer about Regional Feed.

Regional Nutrients are available in 1, 5, 10, or 20 litre, in:

Schemes & Applications

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