Cultivation plans are handy, clearly laid-out plans indicating which products to use and when. We have drawn up different cultivation plans for various substrates (soil, hydro and coco).

Soil Cultivation Plan: this cultivation plan has been specifically drawn up for all soil substrates. So, whether you will be cultivating your plants in pots, beds or the open ground, use this plan to determine which products to use.

Hydro Cultivation Plan: as the name already suggests, this is the plan to use if you work with a hydro system. There are many different types of hydro system, with some examples including rock wool slabs (one of the first hydro systems) and cultivation on mapito or clay pebbles. NFT/Aero systems are also hydro systems.

Coco Cultivation Plan: use this cultivation plan if you are growing on a coco substrate. These days, there are many different coco varieties and mixes. The various options are set out below.

The links provided will take you to cultivation plans to match the substrate you are using. We provide you with handy tips and tools to help you determine which products you can use.