Clean Soap is a unique soap for cleaning greenhouses, benches, glass, metal, plastic, feed tanks, drip lines, etc. Clean Soap is an organic soap made up of 100% plant extracts and plant oils. Clean Soap prevents the accumulation of organic deposits and has an inhibiting effect on the formation of yeasts, moulds and bacteria.

Clean Soap has a pleasant, fresh fragrance.

Clean Soap can be used for many purposes including:

  • the cleaning of glass, screen fabrics and greenhouse structures
  • the cleaning of benches, drip lines and feed tanks
  • the cleaning of vehicles
  • the cleaning of contaminated surfaces in general
  • the cleaning of materials, floors and filters contaminated with grease and/or oils
  • the removal of algae and organic deposits on walls and floor surfaces

Clean Soap can be sprayed, brushed or washed onto any material using a cloth, brushing machine or high-pressure cleaner. Clean your greenhouse using Clean Soap when rotating crops for a fresh start to the new round.

MSDS Clean Soap