Ferro’s Osmosis line is a range of nutrients for cultivation using osmosis water or rainwater. Such water is characterised by having an EC value of 0.0, or in other words, no electrical conductivity. Osmosis feeds have a specific composition, specifically tailored to irrigation water with an EC of 0.0.

We have developed different types of feed for various substrates as part of our osmosis line. Select the substrate you use below to find the right substrate/system and corresponding feed combination.


For cultivation on soil or hydro systems using osmosis water or rainwater for irrigation, Ferro offers three nutrient solutions, namely Osmosis Start A&B, Osmosis Growth A&B and Osmosis Bloom A&B.



When cultivating on coco substrates using osmosis water or rainwater for irrigation, it is important to know that these types of water have an EC value of 0.0, or in other words no electrical conductivity. Ferro has developed two Osmosis feeds, namely Osmosis Coco Growth A&B and Osmosis Coco Bloom A&B.



For cultivation on NFT/Aero systems (also known as recirculating systems), Ferro has three Osmosis nutrient solutions: Osmosis NFT/Aero Start A&B, Osmosis NFT/Aero Growth A&B and Osmosis NFT/Aero Bloom A&B. Bubble generation, using air stones, is also classified as an NFT/Aero system, as are DWC (Deep Water Culture) systems. NFT stands for Nutrient Film Technique and was one of the first recirculating systems to be used. In this system, a thin layer of nutrient is almost continuously run across the surface of the plants.

Another NFT/Aero system that is currently popular is spraying the roots of plants as they hang within a sealed tube.