Ferro has developed three standard nutrient feeds for cultivation on different substrates, namely Soil/Hydro, Coco and NFT/Aero feeds.

Our standard nutrients are complete fertiliser solutions for your plants. Ferro’s standard nutrient solutions can be used all over the country and have been uniquely developed for green foliage plants.


Ferro offers three types of nutrient solution suitable for cultivation on soil and hydro substrates. These are Start A&B, Growth A&B and Bloom A&B. They can also be used for other applications, as detailed in the various cultivation schemes. There are different cultivation schemes for soil and hydro.

Try these feeds on your own plants. You are sure to be amazed at the results, and your plants will thank you!



Ferro has developed two standard nutrient solutions for cultivation on coco substrates: Coco Growth A&B and Coco Bloom A&B. These standard feeds are comprehensive fertiliser solutions for your plants grown on coco substrates and can be used all over the country. Standard nutrients are day-to-day nutrient solutions and therefore need to be added to feed water on a daily basis.



For cultivation on NFT/Aero systems (also known as recirculating systems) and so-called bubble and DWC (Deep Water Culture) systems, Ferro has three standard nutrient solutions on offer, namely NFT/Aero Start A&B, NFT/Aero Growth A&B and NFT/Aero Bloom A&B. As the nutrients are reused, these nutrients have unique compositions.